Wednesday, September 17, 2008

14 going on 30!

Read this blog ( and got thinking.(my score is 10 on this list)

There were things i wanted to to do before i was thirty when i was a kid and now that the target is close, i have a different list. Now the first list may seem basic to a lot of people but this is what i wanted when i was 14 ,in a small town school with a middle class upbringing.

1. Get a JOb - Check..those were the days when unemployment(among cousins) was rife
2. Complete my education (Masters/Phd) - Check
3. Drive a car - Check
4. Become tall - partial check
5. Get proposed - Check
6. Propose to someone - Check
7. Make it work - i am totally making this up..always thought it would work as in fair tales and movies
7. Impress your boss with your talent - Nope and no chance
8. Write a dairy - partial check...blogging and twittering count dont they ??
9. Sing in front of a crowd - Nope and no Chance
10. Impress Parents - DONE atleast partially in my opinion....seriously.

Now here's my current list and Status

1. Travel to all continents in the world - Africa, South America, Antarctica and Australia to go
2. Own a convertable
3. Play the guitar
4. Spend more than my monthly income on a single gadget
5. Jump off a airplane
6. Cook a meal for more than 20 people
7. Win a drinking contest
8. Do Volunteer work
9. Own a killer looking apartment
10. Quit job on whim and go travelling

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DD said...

My count is 5 :(